Microneedling INNOPen™

What is it, what does it do for my skin?

Microneedling is a clinical skin treatment, provided by our licensed and certified Regenerative Skin Masters, that creates microchannels in your skin. When performed properly, this treatment does not overly damage the skin. The microchannels stimulate healthy new collagen and elastin growth, smoothing and refining the surface, strengthening the matrix, and allowing true epidermal delivery (penetration) of your topical serums.

The procedure is comfortable and does not leave you with a bloody, crazy-looking face. That bloody method is actually an improper way to use a Microneedling device and is completely unnecessary. The depth of Microneedling per area of your face (and other body parts) and skincare products chosen for your treatment are skin type and condition specific. We curate each treatment for every appointment.

Who can receive this treatment?

When Microneedling the correct way, even deep clinical-level treatment is colorblind – all ethnicities and gender can benefit and enjoy this professional treatment, barring certain health contraindications. For darkest skin, we do perform a discreet patch test prior to your full treatment.

Area all Microneedling treatments the same?

NO! It is very common for other offices to use the “bloody face method,” which is not the proper use and handling of a Microneedling device. Creating scratches and microchannels that are filled with your own whole blood BLOCKS the penetration of both topical serums and PRP. It is counter-productive to gaining the best results. FACT: Serums and PRP cannot penetrate past whole blood, as the molecular weight and size of each are lighter and smaller than whole blood. Doctors and most medical aesthetic staff know this, but they continue to charge you more to add extra serums and/or topical PRP to your treatment, which is a complete WASTE OF YOUR MONEY.

We provide Microneedling with the professional use only, patented Candela® Medical “Exceed™” and the “InnoPen™” Microneedle devices. These devices are FDA cleared and we are branded providers of certification training for doctors and nurses. We only perform Microneedling the proper way, not creating excessive damage to your skin so that you enjoy the full benefits of true transdermal delivery of your topicals and accelerated cell growth. At iT Intelligent Treatment, you are receiving your Microneedling treatments from the ones who train the rest, so you can trust that your treatments are the best.

What type of products are used?

Each treatment provides a bespoke blend of serums which includes Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C plus other ingredients such as Vitamin E, Stem Cells, Peptides – whatever your skin needs that day. We start and finish your treatment with our proprietary cosmeceutical “iT Intelligent Treatment” line of skincare. Your skincare home regimen is curated to match your skin needs throughout the year.

You may also choose to schedule your Microneedling appointment to include topical PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to further enhance your results per treatment. More information can be found under “Plasma Injection

Are there “add-on’s” that I have to further budget for?

iT Intelligent Treatment includes all of your Microneedling serums at NO extra charge! Our philosophy is to always provide you with what you need up front, eliminating the added stress and aggravation of upselling you.

What will I look like afterward, is there any downtime and what are the post treatment instructions?

Immediately following your treatment your skin will be glowing a gorgeous light to dark pink, with a “tight” look and feel. Technically there is no downtime, as you can resume most activities after your treatment. Please avoid hot water, sauna, swimming, heavy cardio, sweaty activities, alcohol and/or recreational activities, and direct sun to your face for the remainder of the day. Please work out prior to, not after, your Microneedling treatment. Please do not exfoliate for one week post treatment. Keep your skin moisturized and protected, and your body hydrated. Note: Avoid getting a suntan or using self-tanning lotion and spray tan for 1 week before and after your appointment. A full set of post-treatment instructions are explained to you and emailed.

How do I maintain my results?

Following our suggestions for homecare and your post treatment instructions will extend the results you gain from each treatment. Your professional treatments should be received once a month to keep boosting your collagen and elastin growth and maintaining healthy, vibrant, Youthified skin. Follow the frequency of professional treatment outlined by your Regenerative Skin Master.

How often can I receive a Microneedling, and can I combine it with other treatments?

If you are receiving a shallow treatment, often referred to as “Nanoneedling,” a series of treatments received more than once per month is possible. When not in a “Nanoneedling” series, this treatment is performed one per month. Microneedling is an excellent stand-alone treatment, and we also incorporate it with some of our proprietary combination therapies.