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"Marie about PRP"

The idea of getting injections in your face can be a bit scary, but the professionals at IT Intelligent always make me feel comfortable and at ease with the procedure. They explain everything in detail so that there are no surprises, and they make sure I have the least amount of discomfort with the best results.

"Amy H"

I’ve been coming here for over 10 years. Even though I now live in South Carolina, I fly back regularly because no one else has ever been as dedicated to my wants and needs for my skin. I’m happy to say that I always get compliments on my skin. As a professional Equestrian, I am thankful for the sun damage education that I learned when I first came! I enjoy my many daily hours outdoors without getting a face full of sunspots and “advanced wrinkling from constant sun exposure,” as taught to me by the iT staff. The products are great and there is no hard core sales push. I have always only been recommended what I need. Sometimes I want a treatment or product that isn’t good for me, and I am always educated as to why not, and what I can and should do. My aesthetician is tops and I totally recommend this clinic.


As a successful businessman and NYC lawyer, my total esthetic is important. I have been a regular patient of iT Intelligent Treatment for over 5 years. My favorite treatment for hair retention and growth is PRP. The doctors and nurses I have received treatment from have excellent bedside manners and skill. No one ever guesses my true age because my skin is in great shape. My monthly facials are bespoke treatments, tuned in for what my skin needs. For products, I have a simple skincare routine that “iT” set up for me in the beginning and we tweak it as necessary. 5 stars here for the staff, therapists, and products – I highly recommend this cutting edge clinic.


When I first got engaged, I knew I needed to prep my skin for “The Big Day.” Finding “iT” has been the best thing that has happened to me. My face/skin is very sensitive, and I knew I needed to take more care of it. My therapist and the staff are amazing at giving you advice and suggestions for beautiful and healthy skin. My facials are fantastic and my skin illuminates. I have had people tell me that my skin looks great and what I have been doing, my answer: “eat right and iT”, best facials ever!! The big day, my wedding, came, and my makeup artist said my skin was flawless, looks and feels so good. She had no problem at all with applying products and the result was amazing. These facials are not like any other, you really see results instantly and they feel great. The therapists and friendly staff make you feel at home. Their attention and interest make me continue to come back. Great facials, great products, great staff, great environment. Couldn’t be happier with my skin 5 stars + more. Thank You iT!! See you Soon for my next facial.


Highly recommend!
iT Intelligent Treatment are the best at what they do and are always professional. My skin is glowing!


I have been a client since 2011 and have tried almost all services. All have been worth every penny. Technicians and procedures are gold standard.


I had tried a few facials over 20 years ago, and stopped because I hated my skin being too sensitive to what they used on my face. I was referred to so I checked out the reviews and they were excellent. I then did a consultation and booked my first treatment. It's been over 2 years and I haven’t stopped since. I go about once a month, and really enjoy how tailored the facials are to meet my needs. I now regularly get compliments on my skin, and people always think I’m younger than I am.

Thanks for helping me look and feel younger!


I have very sensitive skin and only trust the iT Intelligent Treatment Team with it. The results have been great. I get frequent compliments from friends (and strangers) about how healthy my skin looks!


Seeing the team at IT has changed both my skin and my confidence for the last few years. We’ve improved my hyperpigmentation on tan skin with no harsh treatments—an amazing feat! I can’t imagine going anywhere else.


The best! I had been with iT Intelligent Treatment on and off for years before I gave up trying others, because none came close! There is always an extra special radiance I feel after my monthly facial, so I’ve been with them exclusively for many, many years. Here they continuously assess your skin, so as I’ve aged, they’ve worked with me to customize a series of treatments that move me toward my improvement goals, with an eye toward the next step. Beside her professionalism and expertise, my esthetician is personable and funny, and I always walk out after a facial with smooth skin and a smile!


Thank you to my therapists & staff at! Your facials erase the wrinkles and years without botox, filler or a face lift. Amazingly, my skin continues to look great for weeks and months after!


I just want to say THANK YOU so much for the excellent facials iT does on me.
I love it, absolutely. The following days my skin was beautiful and still is. I can tell the difference. I think these are the best facials I ever had. I am just so happy with the way my skin looks now and I have been telling all my friends. I definitely will see you again each month and I wish you well with everything you do.


When it comes to the “PRP” facial treatment, for me the idea of getting injections in your face can be a bit scary! The professionals at IT Intelligent Treatment always make me feel comfortable and at ease with the procedure. They explain everything in detail so that there are no surprises, and they make sure I have the least amount of discomfort with the best results.


I started monthly skincare with iT Intelligent Treatment because I had severe cystic acne along with acne scarring and skin texture issues.vOver the years, using customized facials and other treatments, my skin is clear of cystic acne and a lot of the scarring has been reduced. The staff is very friendly and professional. They do not use or recommend anything they have not tried first. My aesthetician takes the time to educate and get certified on new processes and techniques for facials and strives to offer updated and safe treatments to her clients. She makes sure to consult with you so that you understand what kinds of results or issues to expect beforehand and is always available to answer questions. While she may recommend products or special treatments due to your skin condition and goals, she’s never pushy and continues to work hard to ensure you maximize the benefits of the facials or treatment that you do get.

“Patricia O”

At iT you will find, quite simply, AMAZING aestheticians!
I have tried numerous skincare procedures, including very expensive laser treatments that promised miracles and delivered little. My experiences had left me a bit of a skeptic, but I kept trying.
I tried a special last spring for one of their facials; is not only the BEST I have ever had, but they’re also kind and caring, and make you feel so special.
They do not upsell or talk you into expensive treatments and products that you do not need. They do offer a line of amazing cosmeceutical skincare products under their own label.
They give you realistic expectations and tell you every step of the way they’re doing and what results can be expected, but they also go the extra mile to make you the best you can be. In addition to amazing skills, you can tell the staff her loves their work, cares about us clients, and the results show it. I will definitely be a client for a long, long time. Thank you for making me feel so special!


I wanted to thank iT for the facial I had a week ago Saturday. It was the best facial I've ever had, and everyone complimented me on how good my skin looked all week! I will definitely be coming back!


I wanted to thank you for the facial I had a week ago on Friday.
It was the best facial I've ever had, and everyone complimented me on how good my skin looked all week! Some of my friends were very interested in coming to you. I’ve been dropping referrals and happy for your points system. I can’t wait to earn free treatments! Thanks again, I will be seeing you soon!


This is one of the best facials I have ever had. Even though I was running late, they were very accommodating because they had “buffer” time, and gave me the full treatment. My pigmentation is visibly lightened, my skin is significantly radiant and smooth. The results from my visit encouraged me to go back twice more, and the treatment exceeded my expectations each time. I will be a regular here from now on. I would highly recommend IT Intelligent Treatment to all.


I have very sensitive skin and only trust the iT Intelligent Treatment Team with it. The results have been great. I get frequent compliments from friends (and strangers) about how healthy my skin looks!


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service on Thursday evening, it was amazing! My therapist was right, my skin did not break out and it is still bump free so far! I feel great 🙂 I will most definitely be seeing you again! I also love the sunblock sample you gave me...a little goes a long way. Thanks again and you will be hearing from me again to book all of my monthly treatments! Have a great week.


Hi, had to give you feedback because I’m OBSESSED!! The treatments are more preventative, my skin still looks and feels incredible. No breakouts, no dry or oily patches, just fresh, clean, smooth skin. Even my boyfriend said something to the effect of “your face is soft” (he’s got a real way with words, I know) and that was two days after I’d had the treatment. I now know that the treatments are cumulative, and that my results are more and more visible each month – I will definitely be booking my treatments regularly and will tell friends of mine to do the same! Love also that there is a points system.


I had a facial on Wed and on Thursday I went to have my hair highlighted (Quite a week of beauty!) it was my first time with the stylist and towards the end she asked my what I did for skincare - I told her that I just had a facial and she immediately wanted to know who did it because she said that was the first thing she noticed when I walked through the door - that my skin was glowing!! I have NEVER had anyone comment on my skin before much less to say that it was glowing THANK YOU. THANK YOU THANK YOU I gave the iT name to everyone in the salon.


Thank you iT Intelligent Treatment for being a part of my special day. A huge thank you to Melenie for the monthly facials that I have with you for the past year! You girls are the best!!! With all my love.


I have been very lucky to have found “iT” and be a patient for over 10 years and counting. The level of service has not changed one bit over the years I have been here. My aesthetician is dedicated and strives only for the best in everything she does. She is constantly researching and learning about new technologies to ensure that her exclusive products and services stay top notch. The entire staff has constant training to stay updated and it shows. My face and skin stay looking youthful, radiant, and bright every time I see her. They’re the best!

"Liz M”

I've been seeing my esthetician at iT once a month for the past year. She helped me address all of my skin concerns and get prepped for my recent wedding. She is amazing - she taught me to appreciate, not abuse, my skin. I love that she takes a holistic approach and combine with technology, and she's advised me on eating/hydrating properly to help my skin. On top of all of that, my skin glows after I've seen her.

“Jen C”

My aesthetician is a skin genius. An epidermal miracle worker!
Lemme tell you a little story… Last year, while on a business trip in LA, I broke out like a teenager. This is not a normal occurrence for me I have a skin regimen, I regularly get facials, I take care of myself… So, I freaked out.
In a fit of desperation, I asked a West Coast doctor friend (NOT a dermatologist) to shoot me up with a little cortisone. Bad idea! How you say… DISASTER.
I got what’s known as a ‘Cortisone Injury.’ This is a fancy way of saying ‘HUGE DENTS IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR FACE.’ I needed fixing PRONTO.
But I kept hitting walls! No online information was helpful or useful. None of the doctors I talked to think my face would ever repair itself, as the damage was too severe. My dermatologist suggested tearing the dents apart with a needle, a process that would leave me with gaping wounds for weeks and wasn’t guaranteed to work. A plastic surgeon friend suggested fillers… FOREVER. I was despondent
That’s when I lucked out and stumbled on iT Intelligent Treatment.
I’ve always been a sucker for a fancy facial. Triple Oxygen, Red Carpet, Galvanic Current… You name it. So when I read about the combination treatments like ultrasound, radio frequency, red and infrared LED light, and wet oxygen therapy – I had to give it a try.
Once laid out in a treatment room, I told my aesthetician about my cortisone troubles. She explained how her combination of high-tech treatments actually builds collagen, and that she’d successfully used the technique to fill in scars on different clients’ body parts. She proposed a plan – why not come in once a week for a half hour, and see if she could improve the problem?
I had nothing to lose, so I let her at ‘em.
Drumroll, please…..
Within 8 weeks, they were GONE.
Like, POOF!!
No needles, no wounds, no pain, no downtime, no nothing.
But wait – I still haven’t told you about my treatment!
Gang, it was all that. We are talking a faaaaaaaabulous facial. Your skin looks dreamy immediately afterward, you actually look younger, and you keep glowing for the rest of the week.
Consider this: If the technology they’re using was able to make my dents disappear, imagine what wonders her full facial does for your collagen production. It’s like a one-woman fountain of youth.
Now go run and book yourself a facial here before she/they becomes too famous to get an appointment (I actually worry about this)!


I have spent over the last year working with my aesthetician to prepare my skin and body for my wedding day. There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing her and the staff made me feel.
I worked with everyone on the team for one treatment or another. I left extremely happy every single time. My aesthetician and the team are truly phenomenal. They are kind, caring, and want what is best for their clients.
They tell you what is appropriate and best for your skin even if it means a loss of business for her. They take their time and demonstrates passion for what they do. From the moment I walked in, to the appointment right before my wedding, I never once doubted her.
She is truly an expert in skin care! Over the course of the year as a bride-to-be, I encountered the typical stresses of planning your big day, but my skin was never a concern because I knew I was in amazing hands. When I woke up on my wedding day, I felt confident and beautiful because of the time and attention from Kim and her staff.
Even though my wedding has come and gone, I will continue going to iT and the team. I highly recommend iT and the staff to anyone looking to feel amazing and flawless on their wedding day and every day!
Thank you for helping me achieve my wedding day dreams!

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